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Our Story

 The "B" in Wicked B

Wondering why I chose "Wicked B" or how I got my start? You're not alone! Read along to learn how and why I started my own small business. 

In October of 2022 I was longing for an outlet, a hobby, something. I was also BROKE because I was in the third month of my mostly unpaid maternity leave with my second daughter. I kept my eye open for something that could keep me busy and give me all of the things I was looking for. In November I found just the thing! 

I came across this idea, and began to wonder if I could take it and run with it. Make it better in a way - Less ingredients, drying the products myself, creating my own labels. 

And that is just what I did. I began creating in November 2022, and it has been a whirlwind ever since! I am so grateful for the support I have received so far, and any that I receive in the future. 

Now about the name... Wicked "B" as in "Behrens" (my last name) or.... well, you can use your imagination for the rest of it. ;) 

Thanks for shopping! Please reach out if you have any questions about my products. My Facebook page is the best place to watch for updates including in-person events, new product releases, and new recipe ideas for individual infusions!

Stay Wicked

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