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Wicked B Blog!

Welcome to the new WICKED B BLOG!

Here you will find an array of recipes, reviews, and ideas related to our products. It's also your best chance at catching our new releases before everyone else! Nothing like a front-row seat at the circus!

Our first item of business is a recipe for one of our favorite summer flavors.

JAPI JUICE: Definition - JAlapeno PIneapple, it makes you JAPI ;)

A sweet and spicy blend of fresh produce - add a little kick where you need it. The easiest way to drink this is with sprite!

Another fan favorite is to mix half Sprite/half lemonade.

Want more choices? Make a margarita! Infuse your jar with tequila in preparation, grab your blender, and get to mixin'!

Don't forget to throw your infusions in the fridge for the weekend. NO RAGRETS!

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